Gilbert White’s House & The Oates Collection – Natural History Of Selborne

Gilbert White was an 18th Century naturalist – regarded by many as the ‘Father of Ecology’. His 1789 publication ‘The Natural History Of Selborne’ is believed to be the 4th most published book in the English language and in 2018 The Space supported the museum in his memory with a project to digitise and promote the story of the original manuscript.

I worked initially as an Associate with The Space to develop the project and secure it’s funding before working with the organisation directly to Produce the video elements. We enlisted the support of natural history legend Chris Packham then scripted and created a number of social assets to tell the story of the man & his manuscript. Jumping off from a  piece in the Guardian – these videos used scans of archive imagery and a beautiful commissioned illustration from  Amy Wiseman to visualise the story – with the main launch video also employing sound design from Joe Simmons and animation wizardry from Louis Hudson to bring the story of this historic work to life.

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