BBC Three/BBC Taster – Jim’s Celeb Blender

Jim'll Paint It illustration

Jim’s Celeb Blender was an image generator tool made in collaboration with Jim’ll Paint It for BBC Three & BBC Taster.

The project emerged out of a desire to create pilots around, and vehicles for, new kinds of digital talent. With a Facebook following of over half a million people, and an amazingly distinct and ‘of the web’ voice, Jim was the perfect collaborator.

Seeing the appeal of people being able to impact his work through community suggestions, we wanted to create a tool that would enable users to choose from a variety of inputs to generate their very own piece of Jim’ll Paint It artwork.

Created as a portrait mobile-first experience, the final product used a scalable approach built by Leamington Spa-based agency Fish in a Bottle. Combining this with some clever editorial trickery we were able to produce an easy-to-use tool that can produce over 850 unique combinations of surreal celebrity images, each with a bespoke comedy voiceover by John Henry Falle – The Story Beast.