BBC Three – Thirteen

Making “Find The Girl” for BBC Three Drama Thirteen from will saunders on Vimeo.

Find The Girl

#findthegirl was an interactive experience released in parallel to BBC Three’s hit drama ‘Thirteen’.

Conceived and developed to play out alongside the series, the idea was to create an as-real character from the universe of the show who would exist on social media for the full 5-week run. She would engage, motivate and actively involve an online community of real people as they got drawn deeper into the story – attempting to work together to best the investigators in the show in the hunt to discover new clues and information that would lead to the location of a missing girl.

We created a rich mix of assets for the experience – combining social media accounts, a blog, vlogs, interactive tools and fictitious sites for institutions and material from the world of the show. These were pulled together into one compelling piece of digital storytelling that could be experienced through the characters main blog or BBC Three’s new website.

It was ambitious but a real success – acting as a statement piece for the new online-only BBC Three, and an effective way of extending the universe of the show for engaged super-fans.

Lost Years

Lost Years was a marketing experience created in the run-up to the launch of the main drama. Based on a re-engineered version of the hugely successful ‘Your Story’ engine created for BBC Taster, the site used your personal details to combine archive and increasingly emotive elements from your social account to show what you’d have missed if, like the character in the main drama, you’d lost 13 years of your life.

An appealing standalone marketing piece, the project enabled the channel to support and promote the core concept of the show ahead of time without the risk of any spoilers.